Radiation Safety Training

We offer a variety of radiation safety trainings for students, staff, faculty and researchers. The training is dependent on the various roles of each individual. The training introduces the relevant policies and procedures and highlights new or significant changes. Register for a training or submit a request for a specific training that is not listed.

New User Application

All researchers who will work with radioactive material must be trained prior to the work. Please fill out the New User Application (PDF) and send it to the Office of Research Safety. Once the application is received you will be contacted to schedule the necessary training and exam.

Types of Training

Initial Radiation Safety Training (PDF)

This training includes a self-study course followed by an exam that lasts two hours. Contact us to request the exam once you have reviewed the course materials.

Radiation Safety Refresher Training (PDF)

This training provides an annual update and is required for all active radiation workers.

Radiation Awareness Training (PDF)

This training is necessary for individuals who work in radioactive labs, but do not work with radioactive materials. 

Irradiator User Training

This training is required for researchers who would like to use the irradiator facility. Contact us to request the training documents.