Animal Biosafety

All research involving animals must be registered and approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). IACUC protocols are submitted using the GW iRIS system. For additional information please contact the Office of Animal Research

The Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) must review animal research if it uses any of the following:

  • Agents that can infect and/or cause disease in humans, including bacteria, biological toxins, viruses, fungi, rickettsia, prions, protozoans, or parasites
  • Genetically-altered organisms (including transgenics and knockouts)
  • Human cell lines, blood, bodily fluid, organs, tissues
  • Recombinant or synthetic DNA or RNA molecules or cells that have been transfected/transduced
  • Viral vectors

Animal Biosafety Levels

FAQs for Research on Genetically Modified (Transgenic) Animals – May 2019