Laser Safety Training

Laser safety training is required for all researchers who work with lasers. The training requirements vary with the classification of lasers in the laboratory.  The designated Deputy Laser Safety Officer (DLSO) should use a Laser Training Acknowledgement Form (PDF) to maintain documentation of training, including the names of the personnel who have been trained and the dates of the training.

Types of Training


Class 1

This is a general operation/maintenance training provided by the DLSO or laser manufacturer.


Class 1M, 2, 2M, and 3R

Individuals must receive general operation/maintenance training provided by the DLSO or laser manufacturer and read through the GW Laser Safety Presentation (PDF)


Class 3B and 4

Personnel working with these lasers must take the online laser safety training provided by the Office of Research Safety (ORS) and the principal investigator (PI) is responsible for providing instruction in the safe and appropriate use of the laser related to the specific research project. Register for the online training by emailing ORS at l[email protected]. The training consists of the revision of the GW Laser Safety Presentation (PDF) and quiz. Upon successful completion of the quiz, a certificate will be generated. Please print and keep a copy of this certificate in the laboratory as well as a copy for your personal records.


Deputy Laser Safety Officer (DLSO)

Prior to operation of a laser, the DLSO shall ensure that a written Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) plan is developed. The plan will describe the intended use of the laser device, its associated safety features, and the process to assure the safety to all persons in the vicinity of the laser system. In addition, the DSLO should take the ORS training and familiarize themselves with the ANSI Z136.1 standard for technical information on measurements, calculations and biological effects. Our office has a copy of the American National Standard for Safe Use of Lasers (ANZI Z136) for you to view if needed.