Hazard Communication Sign

As required by regulation and for the benefit of GW personnel, outside contractors, emergency personnel, or other visitors to an area, GW posts a Hazard Communication Sign on all laboratory doors and other select room doors where hazardous materials may be present.

The Hazard Communication Sign will display (through symbols, icons and text) which types of hazards (e.g. biological, radiological, or chemical) are potentially present beyond the door. The sign will also list PI(s) and emergency contact information. The sign clearly indicates that anyone who has not been properly trained is not authorized in the area without an escort. The Hazard Communication Sign is not intended to restrict access, but to communicate that biohazardous material may be present in the laboratory. Posted rooms should not be entered without an escort from the lab or prior approval from Office of Research Safety (ORS). Visitors to any room with a Hazard Communication Sign shall be escorted at all times by an occupant of that room. The sign should be updated as needed when changes occur. For more information on the Hazard Communication sign, please contact the Office of Health & Emergency Management Safety (HEMS) at 4-4347.